My OSCP Journey Brain Dump

My experience and why I did the OSCP exam.

  • More self confidence in my own testing methodology. This would mean I am sure I haven’t missed anything critical during the test.
  • More efficient testing methodology. The PWK Labs would be able to offer a lot of experience and practice which is something that would help my methodology.
  • More knowledge.

My Journey (December — March)



March — Aborting the first exam attempt

March — the final push

Preparation in the week leading up to the exam

The exam

My thoughts about the OSCP

  • More self confidence.
  • More efficient and thorough testing methodology.
  • More knowledge.

My Recommendations

  • Don’t skip the course material! Upgrade to the 2020 version if you can afford it.
  • The forums are there to help but try your best to not be too reliant on it. Its great to see other people’s opinions.
  • Try harder mentality is great and all but also remember to take a step back if you get stuck.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • For every box, try to find something that you can learn.
  • Try not to burn out.
  • If you have a 9–5 job, try book a week or two off to study.

Appendix A: Normal revision weekday.

Appendix B: Moving Forwards






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