Beginner Code Review(Part 1)


High-Level Summary


addfile function in user.php
jwt.php — when creating a jwt, special characters can affect the values of the token.
jwt.php — when verifying a jwt, if no signature if provided, the signature will not be checked.
register function in user.php contains no sanitization
db.php contains the username and password.
deploy.sql contains the admin credentials hard coded.
The function to get files in user.php
Proof of concept code.
register.php setting the cookies.
login.php setting the cookie.
index.php — there are no custom error messages so any errors will output excess information.
user.php — Md5 is used for storing the password when registering.
Register.php — Error messages for the user already existing.
Login.php — The code for the login page.
The signing function on jwt.php

What’s next

Appendix A

No signature but the function has no returned an invalid signature





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